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What  We Do


We empower women of color young professionals to achieve greater authenticity, inclusivity, and mobility in the workplace.


We want women of color to feel more included and hold more leadership positions in the workplace by 2050.

Who are “Women of Color”?
The Truth About Women of Color
in the Workplace

Many reports about workplace experiences make evident that women of color feel a greater sense of “outsider status,” alienation, and limited growth opportunities.


In fact, women of color are underrepresented in leadership positions at alarming rates when compared to their white counterparts across various industries and this often remains ignored. 

 The L.I.Tvolution

The L.I.T. Network is tired of playing it safe!

What will the L.I.T. Network offer?

Professional Network

We provide opportunities for women of color emerging leaders to grow and nurture their professional networks.

Trainings and Development

We invest in the success of women of color by offering monthly personal and professional development training courses and seminars.

Research and Evaluation

We want to collect data on women of color in the workplace to help quantify inclusivity in the workplace.

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