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Truly You is a coaching and consulting service that helps you find your inner truth so you can live a more authentic and meaningful life. 

​Are you searching for answers about identity and your calling? Are you curious to learn more about your life’s purpose?

Are you a creator and looking for freedom from the norms that society has placed on what your life should

be or look like? 

Do you have an idea that you want to bring to life but you're too scared to make the jump?

We hear you. You are not alone. 

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Truly You can help you to activate your consciousness and find more clarity and awareness of what an authentic life looks like.We help you uncover your truth and empower you to live it.  


If you’re feeling like there’s more for you out there but don’t know where to start or how to get there, then you’ve come to the right place.


Trust us. We had the same exact feeling not

too long ago.

Our Story 

We were in systems that did not work for us. Though we had stability and security, we didn’t have the freedom to live the way we wanted.


We didn’t have the lifestyle we wanted and this was making us unhappy. We questioned for a long time why we were feeling this way, but the answer was right in front of us. 

For us, success means being liberated. It means having the freedom to live the life you want and how you want. It means doing work you deeply

love and enjoy.


It means creating and using your work to change lives. So, we taught ourselves and we can’t wait to help other people find who they truly are and help them create a life they truly love. 

Meet The Founders


Dilim Dieke


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Dipabali Chowdhury


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We are visionaries. We are most alive when we are creating and when we are creating in our own way.

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